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Problems with download speed


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I too have speed problems.

It is cyclical in a way, my dl speed will be steady (but very slow at around 10kB/s) then trail off to 0, and then after a few moments will pick back up again.

I took a screen shot of the speed logger but don't know how to display links to my documents here.

I would really appreciate any help, as my internet is max download speed, I also have an unlimited amount of data to use but it literally takes weeks to download a 4GB file!

I am having frequent timeouts, (Page cannot be displayed) when I use the net at the same time as uTorrent.

Also my ISP has a 'traffic management' policy, where it says it limits data used by bit torrent programmes, however it gives a list of the affected programs and uTorrent is not on it but I'm not so sure as everyother program is, even comparably unpopular programmes.

Thanks heaps,

My computer details:

Windows XP SP2, Home Edition

Pentium 4 CPU 3.2GHz

512MB of RAM

AVG Anti Virus

Internet Connnection Details

ISP: Xtra (New Zealand)

Down: Maximium "As fast as your line allows". (From speed check, 2699kbps)

Up: 128kbps

uTorrent Details:

Max up 10kB/s

Global max down: Unlimited

Max number of connections 128

Max number of connected peers per torrent 16

Number of upload slots per torrent 2

Enable DHT Network: Check

Add uTorrent to firewall exceptions: Check

Enable Upnp port mapping: Unchecked

I have a (ISP supplied) D-Link DSL-302G, 2nd generation Router

I have forwarded the ports so my network is working ok.

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Your settings numbers don't work well together.

Your global connections are too high, but that's not to worry about since with only 2 torrents max and 16 connections per torrent...only 32 max should normally be used.

If your ISP says they do "traffic management" on bit torrent programs, then I'd say results are VERY likely to suck and there's not much you can do about it.

Learn about the encryption settings, and maybe enabling that can at least stabilize your download speed higher than it is now.

D-Link routers are not known to do very well with DHT enabled. Peer Exchange is definitely a better choice for them.

Your half-open connection max in µTorrent may be too high either for your Windows version, your D-Link router, or that your ISP will allow.

We don't know all that you've tried to get it to work.

Have you tried Ultima's slow/disconnecting connection guides?



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