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My Upload brings My Downloads down.


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I'm french, so I don't have any kind of ISP you know (free) and any kind of routeur/modem you know (freebox)

I forwarded ALL the ports needed and more and utorrent doesn t have problem with port not forwarded (green light)

my nethalfopen is set to 10, i patched the tcp ip patch, my lazy.bitfield is true.

i have speed settings to Custom, using no limit to my download and a 6kb/s upload limit and this is what I want to change.

I should have a 8mb connexion but I think I got only a 2-3 mb/s connexion according to many different speed test.

My max download speed ever is 1.1 mb/s and I do not know if it's normal. Utorrent does cripple a very tiny bit my browsing but it's no big deal.

Small problem. On the nice little graph, the lines of my upload and download are nearly symetrical. It's quite nice to see, only it's quite annoying. When upload goes a little tiny bit up, download goes a big lot down. I am forced to keep my upload at 6kb per s, and then i can go to 1 mb/s in download. actually, if u want a screen i can probably do it.

can you help me out ? I surely forgot some things but I ll be glad to do some more specs.

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