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Failed Hash Check


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You mustn't mention titles here due to possible copyright concerns. The hash check fail means that the piece was rejected for being inexact, so you lose that data, but it's better than having and sharing corrupted files.

It happens when people change the data in the torrent and then share it with others. This is usually deliberate, sometimes unintentional. It seems to happen most with torrents using big pieces, and torrents which have been around for a long time.

Try to get newer files which don't have large numbers of seeders. If it happens constantly in a file it may be a fake.

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DWK means you should let µT handle that problem on it's own.

(µT bans "repeat offenders" after 5 hashfails)

Or look for other legal torrents where those morons don't seed bad data.

Or check if your network equipment is the cause that mangles the packets. Download one of the testtorrents mentioned in the forums. If massive hashfails happen there too, then it is your equippment to blame

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