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NAT error no matter what i do


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Hi, ive been using µtorrent since 1.6 came out. For about a month or two it would connect to 100 - 200 peers no problem but i always got a NAT error so i never did anything. Recently however i will only connect to about 20 - 25 peers on a multi thousand peer/seeder torrent. I have been forwarding my ports for bittorrent on all sorts of routers for a couple years now and im positive ive done it correctly, ive tried all types of configurations disabling UPnP, forwarding different ports, using a DMZ, etc. nothing works. However, i do however own a Westell 6100 and i see that it has connection problems in the µTorrent FAQ about having 150/200+ connections, i have since limited it to 100 and 150 to no avail. My router is a D-Link EBR 2310 and i am currently on a DMZ with UPnP enabled and no ports forwarded since it made no difference how i configured it. I have µtorrent in my exceptions list for the Windows firewall. I have also tried connecting my computer directly to the modem but it made no difference which leads me to believe it lies within the Westell. Im almost 100% positive the problem lies within either the Westell or the router as when i lived in NJ i had no problem connecting to 400/500 peers at a time with Cablevision. I now use Verizon online DSL (which for 25$ a month is not worth it). I have changed all of my µTorrent settings which have been recommended in these forums (net.max_halfopen, DHT settings, Protocol Encryption, Max connections, etc). I did however forget to mention that before i used a DMZ i could not connect to more than 1 or 2 peers at all. Since switching myself to a DMZ i can now connect to maybe 30, if that. I currently use no firewalls other than the Windows one. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks for your time


Windows XP Professional x64

AMD Athlon 3400+

1 gb Corsair Value

Nvidia 6800 nu

Audigy 2 ZS

Speed test online - 1504 KBits down 448 KBits up

edit: i found this topic http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=17143 and it says that my modem is a modem/router combo which i was aware of, however i did not know about enabling "bridge mode". I have looked through the configuration settings and the only page i can find that contains bridge settings looks like this untitledbz5.th.jpg

any ideas?

edit #2: i seem to be answering my own questions.. can someone confirm if this is what im looking for? untitledxc3.th.jpg I cant find any pictures of the 6100 on dslreports so im assuming this is it, can someone confirm? thanks

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