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How can I increase the cache for the reading cache?


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However, in the show statistics in the speed tab.

The read and write are separated into two parts.

Once I increased the cache in the cache options (override auto settings to 200MB), only the cache of writing part changes.

The cache of reading part stays in ~50MB which leads 20/s reading rate from disk.

It seems that only the cache of writing section can be modified.

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Ya, the cache of reading raise to 200MB too.

However, even though all the cache had been used, the rate of reading from files is still in the extremely high place.

The light of hard disk keeps flashing.

I intend to reduce the rate of loading directly from the disk which may shorten the life of the harddisk.

Is it impossible to do it in utorrent?

When I use Bitcomet, the light of hdd do not flash frequently.

(in the same speed, its cache is better than that of utorrent which reduce the workload of hdd, isn't it?)


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Therefore, how should it be modified?

These 2 torrents are created by bitcomet which is set Auto on the pieces' size.

utorrent auto upload in 1xx kB.

However, I found that Bitcomet is upload in 1MB/Piece.

Why are there difference in the same torrents?

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