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Help - DL + UL speed reboots cable modem!


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Does anyone else have this problem, and solutions?

First, I've tried 2 routers, same thing! Details, use Comcast cable service 6Mdl/376ul plan. Have the ORIGINAL v1 Linksys cable modem, and have tried 2 routers (same results).

This may be a result of the "power boost" technology where Comcast lets a dl get increased bandwidth or so they claim, as it started happening around the time this feature was advertised.

For the simpliest setup, one torrent downloading (I've tried both Azureus and now UTorrent which is GREAT), and it starts to download FAST when there is a good seeder, like over 600 speed on the graph. Then all of a sudden, it stops. The lights go out on the Linksys modem, then start flashing again as it renegotiates, or resyncs, or some such thing.

Then it starts up again... goes super fast, then the modem reboots. I've "throttled it" to around 550, and it seems to work, but then if I try to open a page in a browser, SNAP, and it reboots the modem again.

At least it doesn't require me rebooting anything, but still, anyone have a fix other than setting lower dl speeds? It seems that the throttling of the cable provider should be adequate.

I replaced the router yesterday, still does it. I've gone to uTorrent, great program, still does it. I just put in a new computer, still does it. The only thing I haven't replaced is the cable modem. Also, they were out to fix some outdoor wiring and found some animal chew marks which used to cause it go out. Supposedly they fixed the bad area (they left laying on the ground when they originally installed the service).

I'm now using a Linksys 54GL (still with original firmware but may flash it with 3rd party) and the Linksys v1 cable modem. Why does the cable modem reboot when ul/dl speeds reach a certain threshold?

Any proposed fixes?

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I set global download to 520 and upload to 25. It will run sometimes at that, but sometimes it constants cycles and reboots (my cable modem that is). If it is running ok and I try to use a browser to load a page, the modem will reboot even with lower speeds.

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No I have not gone over the subscribed speeds. I have Comcast cable, and I would think that the cable company would be providing the bandwidth limiting on their end. Why my modem reboots is the puzzling issue here.

I set the ul to only 25 (I should be able to set it to 35 according to uTorrent). I even lowered it to 10 but still when the download increases (in the 500's) the cable modem stops, then reboots, and then the cycle starts all over again.

I've replaced everything except the cable modem. I don't want to throw away more money if it doesn't change anything, which is why I was wondering if anyone had experienced this and found a solution... or even if they get the same results with a newer modem.

I've upgraded my computer and router and still have this occuring. Either it is something that just goes with the territory, or some thing is wrong with my modem or the feed.

Does anyone experiece this? what kind of modem do you use?

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net max half-open is set to 8 (I guess the default as I never set it).

Would this create excessive connections to overload and cause modem rebooting? I've got:

Global Max number of connections : 100

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 50

Number of upload slots per torrent: 4

Do I need to lower these further? Still getting disconnects/rebooting of the modem. I did order a new modem as I'm wondering if something is wrong with this one.

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