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suddenly, after working, U 1.6 says "logon failure:unknown password ..


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I have used Utorrent on a number of machines for some time w/o difficulty.

One one machine, I've suddenly seen this error with every torrent I start to use whic apparently is not allowing me to connect to the torrent:

The eerror reads "logon failure: unknown password or username" even though I'm downloading, e.g., movie trailers from bittorrent.com which don't require passwords. I've unistalled and re-installed, clean-booted and it seems that utorrent has now stopped functioning.

I've searched for "logon failure" as that is the message that pops up from utorrent and I can't find anything on the message boards.

Any advice?



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Thanks, it must be a tracker error, but it is with seemingly EVERY torrent I try to d/l and the same torrents work fine on another machine in my home.

It pops up as an error message from the utorrent icon in the bottom right corner of my system even when the program file is maximized.

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It happens with EVERY torrent I try, not just torrents from trackers that would be p/w protected. For example, a file from bittorrent.com gives the message below in a popup box in the lower right corner but also in the status field in utorrent:

Error: Logon failure: unknown username or bad password.

The same file downloads to another install of utorrent on another computer in my network.

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