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Why so much Wasted mb?


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ipfilter.dat can ban the most offensive hash fail sources.

...like all of 38.x.x.x for instance with this single line:

Secondly, if you allow LOTS of connections per torrent and/or many upload slots per torrent (resulting in <3 KB/sec per upload slot) then you increase the odds and amount of wasted data especially as the torrent finishes.

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In my case I don't have many hashfails(<5), but I've like 100mb wasted for 700mb file and with 3 hashfails it's frustrating to know that your tight bandwidth is being wasted like this, and to compare network issues I found that emule wasted 89mb for 60GB which is very acceptable comparing to BitTorrent wasting.

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BitTorrent can waste a lot more or less depending on your settings.

So comparing E-mule (which swarms files in a much more exclusive per-ip manner) to your current settings doesn't really help you solve your BitTorrent problem.

So what is your connection speed up and down and what are your settings?

(...even the 'lesser' settings matter!)

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Here's my settings

- Internet connection

512/128 ADSL PPPoE

- uTorrent settings

Upload limit is 6 and I've unlimited download.

55 connection per torrent

TCPIP.sys patched to allow 500 half open connections

Global 200 connections limit

Number of upload slots per torrent 3

- Advanced Options

Max half-open connections 50

Prio first and last piece is true

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TCPIP.sys is patched to an excessive amount.

And really, µTorrent's Max half-open connections probably shouldn't be above the default of 8 for your connection. (Mine's about 12x faster on download and 3x faster on upload and I've set mine to 4.)

Global 200 connections limit is at least 2 times what your connection can handle easily -- your bandwidth is getting tied up with overheads.

All this is certainly contributing to make your wasted data alot worse than if you'd used Speed Guide's xx/128k setting.

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