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Slow internet connection when using Utorrent!


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Hello, i used Azureus (bittorent p2p file sharing) to download movies,music,etc. However, everytime i download using Azureus it completely drains my speed. So i stopped using Azureus and installed UTorrent (another bittorrent p2p file sharing). Utorrent also drains all my connection.

I have cable internet and my speed is 4-5mbps. I am able to play World of Warcraft online, my xbox 360 online, and watch videos on youtube, at the same time without lagging. So today, i was playing World of Warcraft and downloading a music using Utorrent. The Utorrent download speed was ONLY 24kb/s and it completely drained my internet speed! I immediately lagged on World of Warcraft when i ran Utorrent and start downloading that music that was only using little speed. So i quit World of Warcraft and opened Internet Explorer. My internet explorer was struggling to access Yahoo.com of Utorrent! So i closed Utorrent and everything went back to normal, i accessed Yahoo.com superfast, i logged back in on World of Warcraft and was not lagging.

I did another observation, i tried downloading a video from Limewire. The video was downloading at a speed of 80-100kb/s, i ran World of Warcraft and started playing, i was not lagging. So i closed Limewire and opened Utorrent, continued to download that song. The song was downloading at a speed of 20kb/s again, and then i started lagging on World of Warcraft again! So i closed Utorrent as fast as possible.

Now, how do i solve this problem? I just got this router WRT54G ver. 6 yesterday!

Can anyone help please? HELP!!!

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