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REQ: "Seeding" folder


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Hi everyone

In preferences, two options exist, "put new downloads in" and "move completed downloads to". These give you the ability to have the following organization:

1. new downloading torrents are put in the "put new downloads in" folder

2. completed downloads are put in the "move completed downloads to" folder

So, in the "completed" folder, you have all the files of completed downloads. You will probably wish to write those files in a cd/dvd. After that, you have two options: delete the torrents and their files or keep them for seeding. It would be very nice if there was a third option in preferences, "put torrents for seeding in". Along with that option, there could be a button in the button bar to "move the selected torrent(s) from 'completed' dir to 'seeding' dir". That way, you would know that when you write the files of a torrent in the cd/dvd, you can just press a button and they will be moved automatically to the "seeding" folder without having to do it yourself (move them and then do a "force recheck").


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