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Download and Seed settings not respected, help me :)


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Okay as the title says, I am having problems with uTorrent, lately not respecting the settings I have set. I have a 3mb/768k DSL connection. I have set it to xxx/640k and everything worked fine in Vista, once I put in a separate network card as there seems to be a 'flaw' with the nVidia drivers, at this time, in Vista. But, anywhoo, the last few days I had noticed DAD saying message in uTorrent that I was seeding too many files at once (more than 30 they figure is not realistic, which I do understand.) but uTorrent keeps adding new seeders, anyways, even though my settings are set as follows:


Upload limit: 60kB/s

connecitons per torrent: 100

Max Torrent: 4

Upload Slots: 4

connection global: 375

Max active DL: 3

and have my port forwarded as the speed for upload gets around what i should get. DL seem to override the info too.

Please help :)

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