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u torrent question...please help


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Thanks to whomever put this site up on the www :)

I just downloaded my first live show using utorrent, which worked like a charm.

However I see the files located at the bottom of the screen, inside my utorrent window, and they are flac's, which i know about...

I just can't figure out how to move them from utorrent window to a place where i can covert and burn to wave. i use foobar to convert to wave but I can't figure out how to get them there! I tried opening up the torrent in "my music"(where the file exists on my harddrive) but it prompts me to say" do you want to load the trackers" and i can't seem to go from there

I tried looking through the board here first but I am unsure what section my troubles fall within

If someone could lead me the way I'd really appreciate it :)

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