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Force Recheck - Not able to upload At all!!!!!!!!


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Update to the problem. if you stop the file from Rechecking the problem is still there. but,

if you remove the file, I am able to upload at full speed again.???????

Very Strange. I Hope that this will help in making a so so diagnosis on the


Thank You.

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Switeck. Funny that you would say that. I got to looking at everything and

trying to figure out what had happened. everything was working fine but now, I can

only do one thing at a time. So I got to thinking and figured out that, My problem

started after my usb/pci card had went out for my External Drives. I actually took

the drives and plugged them into a generic 1.0 4 port Hub and plugged the hub into the

front of my computer. The Port was way to slow and my drives were bogged down.

I Ran into a serious Bottlenecking problem on my usb drive........ so, I took the utorrent.exe file

off of the External drive and put it on my C drive and then started downloading also to my C Drive.

Problem cleared it self and I am back in business. I went today and bought another

USB/PCI Card and I am going to install it later tonight. I will post back and let everyone know of the

results. Also, I had this problem once before. but, i found that I had so many external

devices to my Server that I didn't have a Strong enough Power Supply. I had a 350watt, Wasnt' Strong Enough. Had to go up to a 480 Watt for everything to begin working properly... Don't know if anyone

have or will experience that but there it is.

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I have had similar experiences. My cpu unexpectedly reboot, and uTorrent's resume.dat was corrupted. End result was I had to re-add all the torrents I was seeding and recheck them all.

Rechecking just takes a long time, especially if the torrents are several GBs. uTorrent has to run a CRC check on every piece in the torrent, which is simply time consuming. CRC is a standard algorithm, can't do a lot to speed it up.

Couple that with storing your torrent files on an external USB drive as we both do, its just going to take ages - no way around it. Storing your torrents on an internal drive would speed it up 10x.

I can't even imagine how slow it was over USB 1.0.

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