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help...green symbol but still slow


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Green sign but still getting slow speed although the torrent was healthy...-Im using D-Link DSL-G604T and i did all the port forwarding stuff and im still getting slow speeds (15-40kB/s).

-Using SP2 and put an exception to the Windows Firewall..

-My download speed is 490Kbps and the upload is 120Kbps..

-I did the patch tcip.sys and change it to 50..

-My net.max_halfopen is set to 38..

-My Global Maximum number of connections is set to 109..

-Maximum numbers of connected peers is 48..

-Protocol Encryption is Enabled

-My Global MAximum Upload Rate is set to 16kB/s..

Pls help me...i use to use level one router and always get the the download speed at 80kB/s and it shows a red sign..but now when i did the port forward stuff with the new router and have green sign and i still get a slow download..

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Your settings are too extreme for your connection.

Your global upload rate is too high. 120 kilobits/sec upload is 15 KB/sec theoretical max and probably only about 12 KB/sec useable. So set your global upload rate to only 10 KB/sec with alternate rate of 12 KB/sec.

...or just run Speed Guide and choose the xx/128k setting.

Reduce net.max_halfopen back to 8...or even as low as 4! Attempting lots of connections at once is costly bandwidth-wise, especially if the results you get are low. So by trying fewer at once, you may ramp up to max speed slightly slower (though if not firewalled it can still be very fast) but you'll end up with more bandwidth to devote to downloading/uploading.

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