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uploading speed is way faster than downloading


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Like many others on this forum, as soon as i upgraded the internet speed, the speed of utorrant has gone much slower. i have done a local speedtest and it has basically stated that my connection speed is slow for the type of connection 8megs. Speed up is 360.12kbps and down is 114.52kbps.

I am in touch with the isp to have this rectified. However, at present utorrant status bar is showing

D:0.0k (total 427.8kB) U:20.1k ( total 17.MB).

On the utorrant spped guide it is set as Upload:20kB/s Upload slots: 3

connection per torrants: 30 connection global: 90

max active torrants: 2 max active download: 1

net max half open *4

I tried various tweeking read from others but without success. Any advice please.


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