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Think i'm giving up on uTorrent for the time being :/


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OK, I'm sure not so many people have seen this problem before, but here goes.

Saturday last week I went down to visit a bud of mine, he told me of this cool new app that his coworkers friend was working on. So he showed me uTorrent. Basically what happened that very day was I ended up installing it as my default client on my server. I ALWAYS leave my torrents running. And so i did the same thing with uTorrent.

On Sunday I had a major crash on my server. The entire C: drive was corrupt. Over 250gigs of files got lost. Just when the server crashed i heard how it just rebooted by it self. So I naturally thought there was something wrong with my new Seagate S-ata 250gig drive. Which by the way is only 3 weeks old. So i took the new drive out and replaced it with my old solid Seagate 200Gig drive. (I ran seatools on the 250gig drive, full diagnostic, and it reported the drive was in working order, save for the filesystem that was totally messed up.)

The server crashed down on me on both Tuesday and Wednesday. These two times I was lucky though. No corrupt filesystems and no need to reinstall my server from scratch.

On Wednesday i tossed uTorrent out from my server and fired up Bitcomet again. Now it's friday and I haven't had one single crash. My server has been rock solid.

Now here's what unique about my uTorrent installation:

- Windows 2003 Server (not so many people are using it on that I Reckon)

- TCP/IP hack done to allow 5000 half-opened tcp connections

- Configured uTorrent to use up to 4000 connections in total

- Everytime the server crashed I was only Seeding. No Downloads.

- Always seeding 8torrents or more at the same time.

Programs that's runing along side with uTorrent on my server:

- Ventrilo Server v2.1.0

- Du-Meter v3.07 b200

- MDaemon mailserver v8.1.1

- MDaemon Antivirus v2.2.5

- Windows Server Update Sevices (w/ Desktop SQL)

- DeeEnEs dynamic DNS updater v2.3.30

- WebcamXP PRO v2.10

- ioFTPD BETA V5.8.5r

- Firefox v1.0.7

My connection

8down 1up

Limit connection to 95k/s

Frankly, I cant afford trying uTorrent any more right now. I need to burn out most of my stuff and after that I might dare myself to give it another go. And for the record, I can't prove anything. I AM NOT 100% SURE, it might be something else thats causing these crashes. But just so we're clear, when I had my major crash I switched motherboard, hard drives and the newly installed server keept on crashing while uTorrent was active.

Tack för ordet!

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There is a limit in Windows 2003 SP1 set to 50 half-open connections. I've applied this unofficial hack because without it only 50 half-open connections are allowed and you get slower accelerations of torrents.

For more info on this topic please have a look at


But don't get stuck on this hack. A lot of people are using it and I've been using it myself well over 6 months.

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I see. Thanks for the info. Perhaps we will look into alternate file cache system if Windows' own cache indeed proves to be inadequate.

No problem. If there is anything I can assist with please let me know. I do really like the program.

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I'm not sure if its the same in 2000/2003/xp, but in the 98se registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesVxDMSTCP you can create a "String" called MaxConnections to set the desired number. If this key doesn't exist I believe 98se defaults to 100.. Mine is set to 512.. No need for patches etc if its the same..

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TCP/IP hack done to allow 5000 half-opened tcp connections

Holy Moly, I thought mine was high at 150, there should never be a case of anything above 100 is what I have read.

For you people who have not patched this, then that could be a reason for slow speeds, go to event viewer and see if you have any TCP/IP errors.

Bitcomet does not need the patch apparently as it fixes it itself.

I use the patch with Utorrent and it all works fine, mine is set to 150 if I remember right.

Maybe Utorrent is taking the system down, but Im sure it will be the connections that are doing it.

I have mine at 200, and my bandwidth is maxed up and down.

Patch can be found here


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It's unnecessary to have so many simultaneous connections, and that was a security flaw with XP SP1 and prior. If an application has to have to many simultaneous half-open connections, then 1) it has to be coded better, or 2) it's malware.
ya, but if you have a server or use p2p, espcially BT, you need many ports open :P

EDIT: and on some online games, you do also need more than 10 ports open.

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50 half-open connections is a reasonable limit or you can set the limit back to 65,535 which it was before the SP2

Just read this, maybe you need to open more or less.

You can find out which process is responsible for the many half-open connections with the command "netstat -no". Half-open connections will have a state of other than ESTABLISHED. Note the PID (process id), open Task Manager andlocate the process and application responsible for the half-open connections

150 seems to have stopped the errors for me 8)

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