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My experiance on the WebGui


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First off i want to compliment all the developers this is by far the best and most user friendly web interface for any torrentclient.

Few notes:

- Is it possible to remove the "uTorrent" text shown on login? I don't want people to know im running uTorrent webinterface.

- Is it possible to make the /gui folder used a changeable option? If you use something static it will be easy to scan for.

- This is probably reported/known issue but you can't add more trackers to a torrent. If you add the same torrent from another tracker it will just add the torrent again.

- Change of color of the upload and finished download icon especially when you have multiple torrents it's hard to see the difference in one quick look.

- SSL support will be greatly appreciated

Thats all for now

Keep up the good work

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