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How to use and understand my programs.


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I don't know how stupid you have to be to get help in getting to the correct forum; I think I qualify.

I am old and unable to keep up with you kids when understanding the current technology that is common to you all and most difficult for me.

Can someone tell me which forum to enter my request for information on how to understand the terminology and function of BitTorerent. I have stumbled across how to download and play certain movies, however, I am at a loss at how to get from my download to play on a WinRar download.

I don't really understand what a torrent is. I don't know when to save it, where it goes when I do, and how doing the right thing will benefit the group.

I would like to fine tune my program so that it is optimal for me and also contributes to the system of sharing.

Sometimes I want to download a movie to have something to see. Many times it will just roar on download until 50 or more percent complete; then uploading takes over, and what was suggested would be complete in a few hours, becomes something that will complete in a few weeks. If this is necessary for me to fairly support the program, I am for it, however, it would be nice to know that I can download and view a program in less that a couple of weeks. This doesn't always happen, however, it is happenign right now and also in the most recent past.

In attempting to contribute to the system, I have set to high the bandwith choice. Is this the correct thing to do; or am I causing my inordinately long download times by this choice?

When and why should I save or not save a torrent? Where does it go when I save it? Does it contain the amount of Bits of data contained in the movie I am downloading as backup to seed or add to the uploadable data? What happens to a movie I want to watch, if I am seeding from that souce, and what does seeding do to my system, when it is taking place? Do I seem to understand or misunderstand what seeding is?

In response to advice I received from support, I was advised to download and use something called RATTV36. When I installed the program, a lot of information came up, however, it doesn't say what the information means or how it is used to improve my downloading experience.

I am an old man. It is unlikely that I will ever catch up with you guys, however, now that I am old, I seem to unknowingly get caught up in things that end up hurting me, when I am just trying to do better for myself, and in doing so not break any laws or rules of our society. In reading some of the available forums, it seems like I may be doing something wrong, when it was never intended by me, and has caused me precious expense that will cause me unfair hardship if I have to stop using this service due to misrepresentation. Google recommended what I purchased. Considerable time was spent telling me that what I was about to do was lawfull. So I spent my money and took my chances.

As a result, I have downloaded and enjoyed some movies.

For you who have been brought up in this generation of technology, keeping up to speed seems easy; for people like me, it is a great struggle, that causes me to make mistakes that I would never make if properly informed.

Until I find out I am doing something wrong, I would like to understand how to use my investment. Due to unbearable pain, I fell against my TV; when it fell to the floor it also broke my telephone. Luckily that was all that broke, however, I purchased the program I am using to download movies so that there is another voice in my place. That is how I used TV in the past, as a companion. Most of what was available over the antenae was junk, but there were human voices in my place, and it was easier to be alone all the time.

Now, with movies, I can enjoy what I hear, and I don't want that to be an illegal thing I do. But, since the money has been spent, I would like to use and understand what I have purchased.

Can anyone either direct me to a place where the beginner's questions are answered; or can you answer me from here? If what I am doing is a lawful and proper thing to do, I want to be responsible in what I am doing. I need to know the things I should do while using this service, as well as, know how to make my program work efficiently. Is this doable?

Any help would be most gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I don't want to disappoint you, but µTorrent is entirely free, so if you paid for it, you got scammed =T If it isn't too late, and you used your credit card company to pay, do ask them for a refund. You can always get µTorrent for free at http://www.utorrent.com/download.php

As for help in understanding µTorrent/BitTorrent, the second link in my signature (the µTorrent User Manual) should help you get started. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There is a glossary of terminology in Appendix B of the user manual, but the words might be somewhat out of context, so I suggest you read the introduction topics from the beginning of the manual, and use the glossary as an aid.

As for help with whatever you downloaded, unfortunately, this is a support forum for µTorrent, so whatever you download is out of the scope of these forums. You can always Google for help with a particular software or file. If you don't know how to use whatever filetype you downloaded, http://www.filext.com is a good place to start, though it doesn't have everything (in which case you're probably stuck with Google, or whatever place you downloaded the .torrent file from).

I'm going to move this topic into the General forum :)

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Not understanding something doesn't make someone stupid, as it may be a new field or a person's skills may be in other areas.

If your TV is still broken, perhaps you might want another one, or try the radio. If you want movies you could try hiring or buying and playing on DVD ROM. For company you could also try socializing more. Go for walks, or get a dog and walk the dog. This will give the added benefit of a little exercise also. If strangers come to the door, take time to chat rather than make an excuse to hurry away. (Unless they're salespeople)

If you prefer downloading, which may work out more expensive however, and the same with anything you're downloading, you need to adjust the upload speed so that it doesn't interfere too much with your download speed.

Whoever is getting your files from you normally will get them from other seeders at the same time, so they will still get them at a good speed.

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