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Cisco VPN client and PNRP v2


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I recently had some problems with uTorrent and managed to find the solution so i post it here as it might help some ppl.


WinXP SP2 with all patches to date

Router Allied Telesyn AT-RG634 (locked by the ISP can't configure NAT but its firewall is disabled and all outgoing ports are open)

No firewall installed except the Windows XP one (uTorrent is in the exceptions list)

Cisco VPN client v4.0.1

uTorrent v1.6 (build 474)


I am using uTorrent for more that 5 months. I never managed to get the green icon but that a problem with my router since (as already mentioned) it is locked by the ISP and cant configure it (heck they don't even allow to use a different router of my choice). Anyway besides that uTorrent is working smoothly but of course seeding is rather slow.

Some months ago I asked for a VPN account from my university so i can access journals from home and discovered by accident that when I am connected through the VPN I can download (using any program, not just uTorrent) with speeds that require an 7-8Mbps line while i only pay a humble 1Mpbs/256Kbps (lol, I really felt that i was taking my blood back from the ISP). Anyway, i mentioned this because in any other circumstances it would have been mad to use uTorrent behind a VPN.

Yesterday I installed a non critical update from microsoft (KB920342) which upgrades Windows Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) to PNRP version 2.0. After installing this update everytime I was trying to run uTorrent through the VPN I was receiving a blue screen (after 10-60 secs). This wouldn't happen when i was running either uTorrent or Cisco VPN client alone.

Anyway, the error was the known one with the TCPIC.sys. Examining the Event viewere showed that immediately before the crash I was getting a warning "TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts."

The funny thing is that each time the error was reported to Microsoft I has getting an error report that was informing me I should update Zone alarm to fix the problem, but I dont have Zone alarm installed.

Anyway, uninstalling the update solved the problem. I am still getting the warning in the event viewer but no more crashes...

Hope it helps...

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