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Hash failed


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Lately I'm getting tons of hash failed messages when i try to download popular files.

The download speed also keeps changing beetwen 0.2kb to 100kb without any pattern.

When i try to download files who are not popular that rarely happends.

I saw in the FAQ it says that "If you gets lots of hash fails on your torrents with a D-Link router, make sure DMZ mode isn't on. The DMZ mode in this router (called game mode) mangles packets and causes corruption like this, preventing you from completing a torrent"

but my DMZ option on the router is "When a request from the Internet is not directed to a virtual server (listed in the table below):

[X] Block request


I use a 3com router. I have a static IP in the computer which is running the uTorrent and a specific port is directed to it.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance, Mashak20

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