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Netgear DG834PN dosen't work with utorrent help plz


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Hi i just got a new router Netgear DG834PN to replace mine old belkin F5D9630-4 due to it burn out now when i use utorrent i think it not forwarding the port right and the icon never turns grean i had a play around with the router try do it and fail i try using the guid from the forwardport web site follow through step bye step and that hasn't work i have set up a Static IP thought and same to be working fine just wonder if any one had the same problem and came cross away of fixing it or there anther torrent downloading programmer that will work with the router

am running

xp home sp2 with the sp2 firewall off

PC-Cillin Internet Security 14

Netgear DG834PN runinng Firmware Version V1.03.30

AOL boardband with Ethernet cable

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