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novice user having teething problems


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Can one of you professionals help? i'm new to microtorrent and have spent a bloody age trying to remove the red disc with an exclamation mark in it from the default page. I know it should be green with a tick, ive spent ages reading the website faq's and trying different ports, disabling my firewall etc but i cannot get rid of it.

i download at a speed i am happy with, i have only seen one file upload but it was that slow the ratio is less than 0.1, there are no peers so obviously i wont upload at this moment, but i would assume the red disc should turn green.

it says "not connectable - a firewall/router is limiting your traffic" but ive tried random ports and actually seen uploads take place. i disabled my firewall, i am using a wireless router but i uploaded ok when using bitcomet?

any suggestions would be massively appreciated.


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