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Ads on website misleading


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Unfortunately for the less internet-saavy out there, the ads on the website can be misleading. After recomending uTorrent on my website to visitors, I've received an email from someone asking me about bittorrent and that he had purchased a lifetime pass to 360 Share Pro. I asked why he mentioned 360 Share Pro and he said it was listed on uTorrent's Download page and he grabbed it like I had recommended.

As it turned out, he saw the link in the Google ad on the page, and had assumed it was part of uTorrent. I can imagine it will allow other competitors and unaffiliated software out there to get exposure on uTorrent's website as well, which can cause further misleading mistakes.

Just thought I'd point this out, in case you guys want to address this problem.

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It's easy, don't blame ludde anymore.

This crap now is entirely Bit torrent Inc.'s fault. If THIS company needs this "misleading" adds on the downloadpage to make even more money then these millions they got from the MAFIAA and the venture capitalists, then blame THEM!

THEY were very fast able to change the "credits line" on the bottom of the frontpage, the usenext downloadlink took a bit longer, and when the addsense shit is still on the downloadpage, than you can make up you mind about the honesty and greed of the new guy's in charge!

Bad BitTorrent™ company, bad!

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