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Disc space decreasing. How do I stop it?


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I am downloading 3 files that are all over 4GB with 19GB free disk space, so I turned off pre-allocate all files so that I could have some free space for other stuff. The problem is that when the downloads started my free disc space started to decrease rapidly and I don't know how to stop it. In utorrent it says I have only downloaded 2mb so far, but in the download folder it say the file is over 1gb and increasing. So what is going on and how do I stop it?



untorrent 1.6

NTFS hard drive

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Turning off preallocation only disables preallocation for all files once the torrent is started. If that option is disabled, µTorrent will automatically preallocate any file it touches. If you want to prevent that, then enable diskio.sparse_files (which works only on NTFS, good thing for you).

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