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Slooooooooooooow Downloads


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I tried to read as many of the posts as possible, but they did get a little long.

I have two issues really.

1) The little icon at the bottom is always either orange or red yet I seem to be downloading stuff. Is that right?

2) My download speeds are horrendously slow--it took 3 days to download a 4 gigabyte file on a 6 Mb/s DSL. That CAN'T be normal! Is this a function of the orange or red icon?

I have XP Pro, I have done all the port forwarding, I have nothing particularly strange in my software or hardware, I have a D-link DI524 Router and am using the wireless network for my laptop. 2.8. GHz processor, 1 Gig Ram, 100 gig hard drive. Anything weird sounding to anyone who knows? Thanks for any help.

Keith Gardner

PS: Well, now I have done EVERYTHING I can find to do--reentered all info on my router, added several additional ports to the router, uninstalled and reinstalled my firewalls, and I still get the message that the port is closed! What gives!!??

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