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Uploading/Downloading with no active torrents?

Sweet Mercury

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I couldn't find this mentioned before, and I wasn't sure if it should be a "found bug" or not. Mods, do your worst. =)

Anyway, as the title says, the speed indicator in µTorrent usually, (well, pretty much constantly) indicates a very low dl/ul speed even when I have no torrents active—or, as is the case right now, no torrents even loaded into the program. For instance, right now I removed all the torrents from µTorrent, but it is showing a 0.3k download and a 0.4k upload. I'm not sure where it would even be uploading from as I have moved the files from their original download location.

Also, possibly related to this, sometimes a torrent, while I'm seeding or after it's finished (with a check mark next to it), will show downloading activity. Since the files are done, I can't imagine where it would be downloading information to.

Any thoughts? Is this just a bug, or is µTorrent putting data somewhere on my computer? Or is it picking up on some other activity?

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