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Port Forwarding through a router and VPN


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OK, before anything, I KNOW how to forward ports with my LinkSys BEFW1154 router. I've done it with all the PCs connected to it, all have manually assigned IPs, all have their specific ports. In other words no conflict there.

Now however, since my bastard monopoly of an ISP, TMnet, who said in a press conference that p2p users are hogging their bandwidth capacity and that "20% are using 80% of the total"... fools, we paid for our service, not your right to limit our "unlimited" connection...stop blaming us for your inadequacies...:mad::mad::mad::mad:

But I digress.. anyway, using the VPN at secureix.com seems to bypass some of the limitations. I used to get 110kb/s easy, then my ISP shaped MY traffic and I could barely get above 2kb/s. With the VPN I could get to 50kb/s in the wee hours of the morning. At any rate, uTorrent is showing me a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark and the ports are not forwarded properly yet again.

Is there a way to forward it through the VPN? Or am I doomed and the only solution is to move to another country?

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Often the nature of a VPN is the VPN connection is firewalled...or it wouldn't be a VPN!

So even if you forward your ports on your end of the VPN, the other end almost certainly isn't...so you'll always be firewalled.

As you've probably noticed, being firewalled not only means you cannot download from other firewalled users -- but that you have trouble connecting and staying connected to the users that aren't firewalled.

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