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Genuine problem


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Hello I'm having torrent problems and I'm at the end of the road. I can't seem to find anything that is helping. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

1. State clearly what the problem is

Consistently slow downloads 9-13kbs

2. State what you have done so far to try and resolve the problem

I have gone through every step twice on the guide and nothing has worked. I have done numerous searches on google as well.

3. What operating system (name + version + service pack) are you on?

Windows Xp, SP2

4. What software (program) are you having trouble with?

Azureus but I have tried many others as well

5.If you're having trouble installing/running a BT client, or with your torrent speeds etc:

A. What port are you using?


B. Do you have a router?


C. What are your results for testmy.net (both up and down)?

Download :: 2894 Kbps or 2.89 Mbps (353 kB/s)

Upload :: 215 Kbps or 0.2 Mbps (26 kB/s)

I've tried every upload/download settings under the sun and nothing hasimproved my dl speed greater than 13kbs.

D. Are you having a NAT problem?


E. Are you on a network?


F. What kind of connection to ISP do you have (cable, DSL)?

Slower cable. My isp might be the problem. I just moved and I was having a similar problem at a different address. How can I check if my isp is throttling torrents?

G. Where are you connecting from (home, work, school, school-residence)?


H. How many torrents are you trying to d/l simultaneously?


I. Do you get slow speeds for all torrents, or just some?

all torrents even with many peers

J. Have you ever been able to get good speeds?

not from this isp

K. State all the related software you are running

I've tried w/ and without firewall. No antivirus. Not sure about the codecs

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Then that's enough information to know the answer to your other question regarding how you might check if your ISP is throttling. Since that's the case, there isn't much that could help you other than switching ISPs if possible, or maybe trying some VPN or proxy service.

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