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Possible Vista speed workarounds


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Hey, i'm starting this topic to discuss vista workarounds, with all those who are early adaptors and can find no direct patch or help.

I use bittorrent alot. So the few posts I've been reading... is not good. Since the majority of us is going to upgrade within 2-4 years from now and that if microsoft decide not to fix the problem because it'll stop piracy and you don't want to mess with system files.

So far, 3 possibel workarounds, vpn/traffic tunnelling, and virtualization (running an os in an os), using another network stack.

I'm not sure if it works. A local virtualized linux vpn server that acts as a proxy server/tunneler.

If vpn that doesn't work a stripped distribution of linux with wine and utorrent installed with networking to the host. Or win 95 with winsock as a virtual machine with connection to host. both shouldn't be more than 50 megs.

if both virtualization and vpn fails... setup a local comp for download only and somehow make it remote for useability so you don't have to wait for the other person to get off to start download. (for homes with 2 comp or more) That's the only thing I can think of.

or somehow tunnel all connection utorrent makes into one connection and connects it through a local vpn server or similar (proxy might work, the sock ones) with out going through the system first.

like utorrent -> encrypt into one connection -> win vista -> local vpn server -> internet

one other that's probably going to cost something is using another network stack other than the default microsoft stack because all good ones are corporate ones. However, this is the easiest fix and could solve the udp freezeup problem.

So what do you think? any other workarounds?

any ideas or whatever would be helpful.

(yeah... i keep posting in the wrong place. hope this is a right place it's my 4th so far... lol)

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