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i keep getting this error please help


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when i try to open a dl with utorrent i get an error saying

"C:\DOCUME~1\Admin\LOCALS~1\Temp\whatimdling +www.thesite.com-+.torrent could not be opened, because an unknown error occurred

try saving to disk first then opening file [which i was told not to do]

has anyone else had this problem? im fairly new to this whole thing.

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I've used Bittorrent before, with no problems, but I've recently switched to utorrent, and I'm getting the same error message:

_____(file)____ could not be because an unknown error occured.

Try saving to disk first then opening the file.

But it doesn't give me the option of saving to disc... when I click on the "Download Now!" link, that message comes up automatically.

This might seem like a simple issue, but I'm really not technically inclined... I read the Getting started page, and it was all latin to me...

If anyone can help, I'd be very appreciative!

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