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Was really fast, but now, not so


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Sorry to be one of these people who complain about the speed not being fast enough, but....

When I first used utorrent my downloading and uploading speeds were fast, at least for my 1mb connection. An average of 40kbs download and an upload of 18kbs.

Now, the uploading is around 1.1kbs if i'm lucky, which results in the download to be slow, with

bursts of what range from 2kbs to 20kbs. From what I understand this is because there are better people to seed from with a faster upload connection?

I was wondering if somebody could give me an explanation on this. I've check my connection speed using speed guide and set it to upload at around 17kbs, as the speed guide test shows that I have a maximum upload of 18kbs. The ports are working fine from what I can gather.

Anyway, I hope to hear from somebody



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