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Windows screwing Utorrent?


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Hello everybody

im using windows xp

Something really strange happenned this morning; when i started the computer, this appeared:

"Application failed to inicialize: 0x800106ba . a problem caused Windows

Defender Service to stop. To start the service restart the computer or search

help and Support on how to start a service manually. "

ok, this has nothing to do with Utorrent, right? but wait...

so ok , i dont care for windows defender, i can delete it

but then i opened Utorrent and @ the log, showed this: Error opening Windows firewall 0x800706D9; and the light went Red (Not connectable, A firewall/router is limiting your network trafic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you

so i checked my Router config (Dlink di-604), and everything was fine, all the configs were there

so i tried to change the Port on Utorrent, and configured my Router, but nothing happened

the red light still there

any idea?

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