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Trouble with port forward


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I have a problem with the port forwarding. I am using a Netgear WGT624 V3 wireless router, and I have followed the steps in these 2 webpages:

Static IP


Port Forward


So first I changed my computer from DHCP to having a static IP. I found out the DNS setup needed via the router configurations. I set the static IP to the same IP that my computer had when using DHCP. My setup after setting up the static IP is:






The IP address that my router has is, which should be the IP address provided by my ISP?

After settint the static IP, I set up the port forward in my router:

Port: 6889 (I've tried a bunch of different ports, always changing this both in the router and in the uTorrent)

IP: This is the IP of my computer (the static IP), not the router, right?

After this, I run the uTurrent Port Checker, but always get the message that the port isn't open. When running that check, I get the message:

Checking port 6888 on

What IP is that Is that an IP that I should have set up somewhere?

By the way, I have disabled my Firewall (Norton Firewall) so that should be no problem...

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