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Sort by size when Adding a torrent


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sometimes a BT mission includes, say, 30 large files, and also one description file for each of them.....that is 60 files.

Usually we'd like to download the 30 descriptions first, read them, in order to decide which large files to be downloaded.

The problem is, if they are name sorted, it'll be hard to select the 30 descriptions...

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not that hard... I mean, come on...

besides... strictly speaking, it isn't Name sorted... it is torrent-order sorted... the files and paths are presented in the order they are found in the .torrent file, in piece-order...

It just so happens that the vast majority of .torrent builders, add the files alphabetically.

-- Smoovious

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I always wanted this feature.... but I found a workaround:

1- In the "Add new torrent window", press "Select None" and press "OK".

2- Select the torrent and in the files tab, sort the files by size, name or %.

3- Right click on the files that you want to download and select "Normal Priority".

Only the selected files will start downloading... after the download is complete, you can select the rest of the files and set them to "Normal Priority" to download the rest of the torrent.

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