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Was Green Now Red


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Last night utorrent was working fine, green dot, utorrent reporting port properly forwarded. Late last night the power went out and when it came back on this morning and after my internet came back online (a few hours later) utorrent was reporting the port was no longer properly forwarded and I was getting a red dot. I went through the process of forwarding a new port to see if that would fix the problem, it didn't. As far as I can tell the only thing that happened was the power failure and I don't see how that would cause problems with utorrent.

ISP: Comcast

Modem: Moterola Surfboard SB5101

Router: Netgear RP114

Firewall & Anti Virus: Trend Micro

Any ideas?

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filmgek- I thought that might have been the problem so I checked to make sure ports were forwarded properly and it looked right but just to make sure I did went through the process with a new port.

Ultima- Static IP is set up, utorrent was running just fine until yesterday morning. I've read about the potential problems with the surfboard but the problems just started suddenly so that doesn't seem like it would be it.

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I had a Motorala Surfboard cable-modem first too, but now I've got one from Scientific Atlanta. And I must say that downloading speeds (torrents, p2p, usenet, etc.) have increased a bit and less problems have occurred.

Maybe it IS the modem, but you can't usually just buy a new one, 'cause you ISP might not support it.

Could you try connecting your PC directly to your cable-modem? (like Ultima said)

If it works better then, you know that you have to find the problem somewhere between your PC and your router. (Or am I just talking nonsense right now? :P)

I've had a lot of problems with cable-modems/routers myself, but I had it especially with my PS2. But then I called my ISP's helpdesk, and they guided me trough the whole setup-procces. Maybe you should also try to phone your ISP's helpdesk.

P.S.: You said you've got a NetGear router... I've got some stuff from NetGear myself. (not a router, but other stuff; like something to make a network-printer out of a regular one.

NetGear-stuff usually works fine for me, so maybe it isn't your router but some settings in your PC.

Maybe you made some changes in your PC, then the power failed, and then those new settings (which were in your temporary memory, 'cause the PC wasn't yet rebooted to make the changes permanent) were lost.

Just guessing... :P

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I might be way off base here, but I thought cable internet providers all support the same spec -- DOCSIS (different versions, though, I suppose)? If that's the case, then you simply find out what DOCSIS spec the Surfboard supports, and get another modem that supports the same spec, and it should work just fine.

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Never really thought about why they did it. :P

But I think we're getting a bit off-topic.

fierydemise; could you please try to hook up your PC directly to your modem?!

I think that would be the easiest thing to do, if you need help. Because, if it works correctly then, we can exclude the modem as problem.

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