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- a site lists me as "unconnectable" with utorrent. I was using Bittornado before and it worked without such a problem. I tried mseeing with the port number and the uPNP setting to no avail. Being unconnectable adds additional time delay on many trackers even if the torrent otherwise works fine. How to fix this?

- an option to edit disc allocation speed, max peer connection, superseeding, max files open, etc. would be nice to have, á la bittornado. Same for kickbanning users sending bad data.

- ability to add a whole port range instead of just one port for incoming connections.

- make the stat window (the general tab, where it lists various info on the torrent) use the same color text as the text on the tabs or the text next to the two bars (downloaded & accessability). Some windows skins are unreadable as utorrent uses a default black text there.

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- make the columns arrangable in the peers/pieces/files tabs too. That's one thing that bothered the hell out of me in bittornado.

- some kind of intelligent file lookup wouldn't hurt at all. For example if the stuff in the torrent has the directory structure of "roms/files.zip", and you stored them previously under "!roms1/files.zip", you cannot resume the torrent under utorrent as it will default to the "roms/files.zip" structure that is specified by the torrent file. In Bittornado, if I pointed the download to the folder "!roms1", it read the files from there, ignoring the fact that the torrent specified a different directory. In utorrent however, it creates a "roms/files.zip" folder, INSIDE the "!roms1" folder. This makes a few torrents unresumable unless I reedit the folder name to match.

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I'll just edit this post from now on :)

- manual allocation button for those who only rarely allocate in advance could be helpful

- speed tab shows overall speed instead of torrent-only speed, unlike the rest of the tabs which are torrent specific. Is this intentional?

- the upload counter seems to be incorrect, reporting speeds around 20-24 k when I only have 16-18k transfer going on (according to Netlimiter). Generally it seems to show a higher speeds then what I'm actually having. The same applies to the download speed meter as well.

- ul/dl speed settings for each torrent would be nice to give more freedom with settings, and to help prioritize some torrents above others (mainly for people with bad upload speeds or ADSL where upload steals speed from download)

EDIT: I found a setting for this under torrent properties. However it would be nice if the main window would show these, not just the general tab. Likewise, a button or slider to edit these would be preferred in some place where its more obvious (such as next to the big cancel/start/pause/stop button in the toolbar).

- also, it would be nice if the torrent listing window would include more stats. That's including the above mentioned ul/dl limit, or more importantly the amount of data downloaded and uploaded so far, and the amount of data you have in overall (which may not be the same as the amount of downloaded data ex. in cases where you resume from a different torrent).

- ratio should be counted according to the amount you downloaded, not the total size of the torrent.

And you may want to move the thread to feature request, I feel its more topical there.

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