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newbee with dead-slow speed


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Hi, I have been a utorrent user for some months and have a great service including downloads which vary from 114kbs to what now seems the normal - a snail paced 5 - 7 kbs. I have tried various torrents and it all seems the same - almost as if something has changed.

Can anyone help to increase my speed ?

Having read a previous thread, i used Broadstar.com for the following speed test if it helps.

Speed Test Result

dslreports.com speed test 2006-12-16 13:27:44 EST:

201 / 235 (Kbps)

(24.5 / 28.7 KB/sec)

Compared to the average of 65 tests from as9105.com:

* download is 81% worse, upload is 5% worse

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<a href="http://speedtest.dslreports.com"><img border=0 src="http://www.dslreports.com/im/20197740/2812.png"></a>

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