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Utorrent locks my connection - Please help


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Refugee from azureus (done a fair bit of torrent sharing!) and like utorrent a lot but I'm having a wierd problem:

My problem - with no seeming reason the wireless thing drops the connection and I have to do this unplug, restart utorrent, thing which is a pain. I've tried changing the port (reforwarded), repairing the wireless connection etc etc - sometime I have to shutdown and then restart the comp just to get it all working again.

This can happen while I'm surfing or if I've left it on and gone out, sometimes it happens 3 x an hour sometimes I can go 12+ hours before it happens.

I've read the FAQ' and the various manuals and they don't seem to address my issue.

Any tips on what it could be?

Sorry it's such a long explanation but the tech speak is beyond me - simple answers (press button A, right click on 'xxxxx') much appreciated



My computer and stuff -

Windows XP on pentium 4 comp (only about 14 months old)

Connecting through a belkin F5D9230-4 wireless connection box thing (router?) on a home connection

I have Zone Alarm firewall.

I'm not running TOR (anymore) - see I have read the threads!

The speed test show 256 Mbps / the wireless icon shows 56 Mbps - (??!)

I've forwarded the port and have the green tick symbol and did the static IP thing on portforwarding

Only have 4up and 4 down torrents running - getting a peak traffic download of 60-70 Kbs. Before I was downloading 6-8 torrents at the same time and getting upto 230Kbs but i cut it back to see if that would help - hasn't helped from what I can see.

Any more info required?

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Seemed damned high to me too!

Doh just checked it, one now says:

'Your current bandwidth reading is:

1.33 Mbps

which means you can download at 169.79 KB/sec. from our servers'


another says

Throughput: 1126.8 kilobits per second

Throughput: 138.1 kilobytes per second


another says

1657 kbps (namesco bulldog max)

2.56 !! The point's obviously quite important then? Sorry if I confused you,

I think my isp was sold as 'upto 8 meg' but I'm on a 2 meg 'phone exchange

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Thanks for the response

The test I just did said "Your current bandwidth reading is:

5.58 Mbps

which means you can download at 714.29 KB/sec. from our servers"

This is high based on what I've seen before - normally both figures are about 50% of those above.

Read your guide, a bit confusing for a clutz like me but I did pick up some good tips.



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