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Question about Flags on UTorrent


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I am new to UTorrent and I noticed there are many columns when you download and one of them is flags. I see that for different users under "flags" that there are things such as : "UD HX, DS X, uD X, d X, uD HXE, etc"

My question is what do these flags mean in terms of how they affect downloads?

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OK, real newbie question about country flags. I am using the 1.6.1 beta, but it is the same with the 1.6. I used to have them but no more. I have "resolve IP's" unchecked and it makes no difference. What are the common bonehead errors here?

Yes, I know they are eye candy. Yes, I like them and would like to see them again.

Thanks. :cool:

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No offence but no one has answered ericdabbs' question!!!!!!!

The following answers above were considered useless

"Your best bet is to read the FAQ, they are all there along with other useful stuff"

"And if you have any other questions regarding the interface and what things mean, check the user manual from my signature."

"Or just use the user manual, which is more up-to-date."

"Got it ! Have downloaded the manual, is all there. 10x a lot !"

Im waiting for someone to post this: "I don't know I don't use the flags."

If the question was "Hi, I'm new, how do I find out what the flags mean?" then, and only then might your answers have been appropriate.

As of July 24th 2010 , the flags are as follows:

?: your client unchoked the peer but the peer is not interested

D: currently downloading from the peer (interested and not choked)

d: your client wants to download, but peer doesn't want to send (interested and choked)

E: peer is using Protocol Encryption (all traffic)

e: peer is using Protocol Encryption (handshake)

F: peer was involved in a hashfailed piece (not necessarily a bad peer, just involved)

H: peer was obtained through DHT

h: peer connection established via UDP hole-punching

I: peer established an incoming connection

K: peer unchoked your client, but your client is not interested

L: peer has been or discovered via Local Peer Discovery

O: optimistic unchoke

P: peer is communicating and transporting data over uTP

S: peer is snubbed

U: currently uploading to the peer (interested and not choked)

u: the peer wants your client to upload, but your client doesn't want to (interested and choked)

X: peer was included in peer lists obtained through Peer Exchange (PEX)

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