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Speed Help... gettting a miserable 2-35kB/s


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Ok, I've read through the guide and Ultima's checklist.

I've got the green light but I can't get above 35kB/s whereas I used to average around 80-120. I am with Rogers in Toronto and so I know there are problems with that but does that mean I can't do anything? My light is green and my port is forwarded correctly to 1720.

i've disabled my firewall, ip resolving, dht and upnp, lowered max connections to various levels but it didn't look like it made a difference. I have encryption enabled and lazy bitfield enabled.

When I downloaded the openoffice file it connected really quickly and and i got over 100 easily.

when I did the speed tests this is what my results were:

4532 / 359 (Kbps)

(553.2 / 43.9 KB/sec)

i currently just put it back to the suggest settings for xx/384k in the speed guide.

so is the problem soley rogers and unfixable??

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