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Very odd download speed problem...


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First of all, I think this is a problem with the swarm as other torrents seem to work fine. I am just trying to figure out why this is happening.

Okay, heres what has happened so far. I am trying to download a large torrent of about 7.5 Gb. When I first started the download, the speed went in spikes. When I looked at the graph, the download speed would spike to 15-20 Kb/s for 15 seconds, then drop to 0-0.3 Kb/s for the next minute.

I thought it might be a firewall issue (ZA does not seem to like BitTorrent), so I replaced it with a firewall from Comodo. It works better (no more TrueVector crashes), but the download speed went to an even odder pattern.

After I installed the new firewall, the download speed went to ~20Kb/s for somewhere about 5 hours (I was asleep at the time), then dropped to 0 Kb/s and stayed there with brief jumps to 0.3 Kb/s.

All through this, my upload speed constantly stayed at the download limit I had set (20 Kb/s). I tried limiting the upload to 10 Kb/s (most torrents seem to like that speed best) but it did not help. As of now, I have downloaded ~4.5 Gb (58.8%) and uploaded ~7.8Gb (share ratio 1.74)

The torrent currently has 13 peers (it started with 7) and 0 seeds with 1.881 distributed copies. In the peers section, µTorrent shows "9 of 13 connected (3 in swarm)"

Could the lack of a seed cause the odd speed jumps? Or are they normal with this few peers? I have never seen anything like this. On a side note, what does "3 in swarm" mean?

Tech notes:

µTorrent 1.6 build 474

Win XP

Cable ISP (can get 300 Kb/s download most days)

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3 in swarm is how many peers the tracker is reporting.

There probably isn't any real explanation for your speed spikes, and it's not due to the size of the swarm either. If it's just that one torrent, my guess is that the peers are doing weird stuff. What weird stuff? Dunno ;o

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