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Utorrent capping speed


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Hello this is my problem.

Whenever i download a BT file using Utorrent, my speed will alway cap at 250kB/s - 255kB/s and no higher.

Then if i download a file on Firefox i alway get speed of 280-320kB/s.

I have read through the speed issues and router sticky.

im on a Linksys::Network Everywhere::Model NR041

also im on a Dsl pro package which is 3Mb/512kB package.

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The reason why µTorrent runs so much slower is probably due to the overheads with all the connections you have at once versis just downloading from a website using ONE connection.

So...what's all your settings as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

...and also list any changed advanced settings.

At least on very well seeded torrents, I would not be surprised if with a couple small changes you'd gain at least 20 KB/sec.

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For one thing, since you're using a wireless ISP, you likely can't forward your port, which will cause speeds to suffer. Other than that, though, we can't say anything more since you provide us with no additional information. What exactly does the Speed Guide show your current settings to be?

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I was under the impression that port forwarding was used to forward incomming requests from other clients to your computer (well, to the IP assigned to it by your router) through your router... what does that have to do with your isp?

Last result: 1112/164 Kbps

upload limit: 17kB/s

upload slots: 10

connections - per torrent: 55

connections - global: 90

Max active torrents: 1

Max active downloads: 1

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You need to reduce your upload slots to no more than 8...and preferably down to 4 (the default).

Splitting 17 KB/sec total upload speed too thin means you likely won't get much download speed in return from whoever you're uploading to...also the more ways you split it, the higher the overheads for doing so.

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