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hi im with supanet 2m speed

keep doing speed test

results are speed down 1856.26 kbps

speed up 331.04

1.30am till 3.30pm speed is great but after 3.30pm its hell 6kbps in utorrent upspeed is 35kbps

i run a speed test and that was the same as above ,i have tried loads of torrents all resulting in the same speed

contacted supanet and they said there was no problem at there end and they done a line test and said that was fine

im going round in circles wondering what it can be

when i do a speed test in the night it comes up showing im with supanet but when the connection is slow its asking me to choose my isp

any help would be appreciated i have read the slow speeds on this site and utorrent is set right , just wondering because i want to phone supanet back up tomorrow


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