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In serious need of help


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Hi, there are probably many duplicates of this problem...I just need someone to tell me EXACTLY what to and afterwards...it works! I have used about 10 different torrent programs so far and all have given me various problems, however Utorrent seems to work. But only when it wants to. I have forwarded the ports as instructed on portforward.com, and as I run ZoneAlarm firewall, I have to shut it down in order to even think about downloading. The settings at the bottom of the program are as follows: DHT 70 nodes (updating) / D: 0.3 kb/s (total 45.0kb) U 0.0 kb/s (total 68.8 kb)

When I do manage to download anything it takes forever...took 1 hour last night to download 60 megabytes, I do run a wireless broadband with imagine (Irish company) and Windows XP. As I have said I managed to forward the ports correctly (I think). I notice as well when I am in the process of downloading (very slow...took 2 hours to download 0.1% of a 700mb file earlier) that my internet explorer seems to think I am offline until I refresh.

If anyone can help me my problem I will go as far as to make you tea for life


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DHT doesn't seem to be doing you any good, so you will probably do a little better to disable it.

Enable Peer Exchange instead (if it isn't already).

Run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the xx/96k upload speed setting.

What have you set µTorrent's half-open max to in advanced settings?

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