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Port Forward Problems with Routers


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I scrounged the forums awhile for speed-connectivity problems and observed several issues pertaining to port forwarding problems. I recently succumbed to some rather strange issues and found something I thought I'd pass along, forgive me if this has allready been posted but I did not find it elsewhere.

Anyways for some strange reason upon testing for proper port forwarding using the tool in uTorrent options, speed guide where the port forward test is found, upon activating it I had a returned result of port not forwarded properly, I had entered the data into the router manually and all else required but still no result, so after much tedious playing around I found this.

Go to internet options, open the connections tab and click on the LAN settings box. Within the Lan settings dialog there are two options, Auto detect settings and Use automatic configuration script. if either or both of those are checked it may prevent you from obtaining the port forward result you need. Mine had Auto detect checked, after unchecking this option and leaving both options cleared I retested the port forward and it worked, the port was now forwarded correctly.

I'm on Wildblue internet and a short while ago my modem died, apparently the tech who replaced the modem must have set the auto detect option when configuring the modem, which explains my particular torrent connection difficulties, anyways the uTorrent works as it did before, back to buisness as usual, fully working torrents again.

I bring this up because theres probably many things that can change this option unknowingly, optimizers-tweakers and god knows what else besides system roll back tools that can affect these two settings one may not think of, this worked for me and my downloads are kickin butt right now, hope this helps someone else out there!

hey take care and have a Great Safe N Happy Holidays!!!

John :)

Win XP Home

uTorrent 1.6

Linksys WRT54G ver 6 stock fmwre

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