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cant download since re-installing windows


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Hi there.I have recently started using uterrent after using but torrent and everything was ok until i had to re-install windows. It didnt download that fast but a lot quicker than with bit torrent. However since I had to re-install windows twice i get nothing. If the downloads do start (at no more than 2 kbs) it stops after 2 minutes, Also when I run utorrent the whole of my internet freezes. (which did happen before)I have never done any of the port forwarding, I dont quite understand it.

I Have windows xp (disabled)

Zone alarm (still dosent work when disabled)

BT Voyager 205 ADSL Modem / router

Belkin 802.11g router.

I use the belkin router because the bt router is wired and I need a wireless one.

Complicated i know, anyone out there can give me any help i would appreciate it.

Forgot to say I have just downloaded utorrent bettr 1.6.1.

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