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Utorrent & YouTube video upload=Computer Freeze-Cold Boot Required


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Just wondering if anyone has this problem.

I have tried it 3 times with utorrent build 483 (webui).

www.youtube.com (video sharing web site)

YouTube has 2 ways to upload videos to them. One is a flash uploader and the other is the old fashion way.

Both ways cause the uploading video into youtube to fail and utorrent to lock up (Not responding).

If fact the result is that I can only close any open program ... I can't open anything.. I get the error message - something to the effect of "file not found" ... when I click on programs in the start menu or icons on my desktop.

I can't start the Task Manager to kill utorrent ... so it is a cold boot (power off) to fix the problem.

Anyone else get this error ?

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