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Port Forwarding: router and firewall


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Again, Im no expert. For those like me, here's some help.

Lemme explain... to the novice like me.

First you have a router. Especially if you're wireless. Like me. Be it DSL or cable... your router receives info first. You need to set up your router to forward stuff to your computer. That's the first part of everything. Forwarding a port is like having a security guard at your door, and letting people in that you say are on your visitor list. BUT!!!! even though they get in the door... they still have to get up the stairs... which is your firewall. You have to get your firewalll to allow those people, too. So you have to forward your port in your firewall.

I can't give specifics. I'm no computer guru. You'll have to look around the Internet for your specific firewall and router info, like I did.

But once you get it figured out, and follow my suggested settings, hopefully you'll get better download rates.

Good luck!

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