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Download speed staying at 55k - Why?


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I changed from Bitcomet as found it was quite slow. I've been using uTorrent for a few weeks now. At first I was vey please as my download speed was on average above 100k, sometimes it was well above 100k.

Recently it has been staying around 55k. I'm currently downloading several torrents, between them the total download speed is 55k, if I stop all but one of them the download speed for that torrent will increase until it reaches 55k. Why will it not exceed 55k?

In Preferences/Connection my global download maximum rate is 0 (unlimited). I've not changed any settings to limit my connection speed.

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Sorry for the late response.

Yeah I'm with BT - how did you know?

I have occassionally got better download speeds but more often than not it stays round the 55.

My speed test results are:

Download 539 kbps (65.7 KB/sec)

Upload 359 kbps (43.9 KB/sec)

How do I configure uTorrent to get the best performance from this?


I messed around with the Speed Guide - Connection type after doing the speed test and can only download at around 22k now even with the OpenOffice download (all other torrents stopped).

What connection Type should I be using?

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