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40Mb of ram


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Notice in the picture at the bottom of µTorrent's window?

It says: U: [6k] 1.9 kB/s

One away from "download limited".

Is that the best your connection can do?

Nice download speed though -- nearly 700 KB/sec at the moment of the screenshot.

µTorrent's ram useage is probably because most of the dynamic cache is full (which is 32 MB max). That probably wouldn't happen if downloading alot slower.

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I never knew 32,476KB == 31.7MB == 40MB ;o

I'm not sure if Azureus + Java 6 = lower memory usage than before, but last I heard, Azureus+javaw.exe definitely used more than 40MB of RAM, even from people who actively advocate the use of Azureus -- they acknowledge the fact that Azureus uses more RAM than µTorrent, but don't care, and that's fine too. Maybe you should go convince them too that Azureus uses 31.7MB of RAM?

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